Zhestia | Traveling Moments - Black Soap 100% natural with fresh Eucalyptus. Beautiful Design of the Packaging for Reuse. Part of the Conscious Luxury Philosophy of Zhestia

Black Soap

Traditional high quality black soap made from olives in Marrakesh is 100% natural and  slightly perfumed with relaxing eucalyptus essential oils.

Available Summer 2015!

Black soap, which has been used for many years, is made from the saponification of a mix of oil and olive husks, to which essential oils have been added. Zhestia’s black soap has maintained this tradition and is made from olives which have been slightly perfumed with 100% natural and relaxing eucalyptus essential oil. It is both purifying and conditioning and is used to prepare the skin for exfoliation in the hammam, and now, in your own bath. This hydrating soap easily eliminates dead skin cells.


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