Zhestia | Experience Box - Hammam in Marrakech. A complete set to live the experience of the hammam at home. Included in the experience box is a photo - history book, a music CD, argan oil with perfume, eucalyptus black soap, moroccan mint tea, kessah glove and how-to guide to help you reproduce the experience back home. A wonderful gift idea.

in Marrakesh
Experience Box

Available Summer 2015!


CONTENTS OF THE BOX SET: Music CD “Indulgence,” the photo book “Indulgence Rediscovered,” and the ritual’s essential products: Black Soap, Argan Oil, a Kessah Glove, and Moroccan Mint Tea.


How-to Ritual Guide

The ‘Ritual’ how-to guide will take you through the steps to enjoy all the elements of the experience. Please forget all other distractions, such as telephones and televisions, the hammam is first and foremost a place where we spend time on ourselves.

The Music

Download the music and begin your Zhestia experience with an original musical score. It will set the perfect mood of relaxation and will carry you towards your new experience. Relax, dance, and stretch. Do as you please, there is no right or wrong way to live this moment.

A quest for “the” Marrakech sound is futile as the sound is a plurality. There are sounds heard in the streets, the maalems, the musicians, making it impossible to speak of only one type of Moroccan music. There are many types.

The recording sessions were done as the meetings progressed: a qanun player from the Sahara, a percussionist selling instruments on Jemaa el-Fna square, Berber musicians, gnaouas musicians recorded impromptu in the riyads, in a park, in the zaouïa, or even in their homes. In Morocco, silence does not exist. Music is everywhere. There is a constant duality between challenge and pleasure, tradition and modernity. The result of this is felt by listening to sounds that are as varied as the city of Marrakech itself.

The Book

Discover the history and place fully to understand its profoundness. Use this book to see the land, the architecture, the people. Within is a selection of recent photographs, historical pictures, and watercolor reproductions, each offering to plunge you in the setting.

Whether big or small, invented or real, these are the stories of the Marrakech society and its hammams. Throughout the book you will share the author’s travelling moments as she discovered Marrakech, its inhabitants and its admirers.

You will discover the hammam, the timeless oasis, its role and its benefits.

Black soap

Black soap, which has been used for many years, is made from the saponification of a mix of oil and olive husks, to which essential oils have been added. Zhestia’s black soap has maintained this tradition and is made from olives which have been slightly perfumed with 100% natural and relaxing eucalyptus essential oils. It is both purifying and conditioning and is used to prepare the skin for exfoliation in the hammam, and now, in your own bath. This hydrating soap easily eliminates dead skin cells.


The Kessah glove

The Zhestia scrubbing glove was woven in Morocco and is made with natural fibers; it perfectly cleans and exfoliates the skin. The original Kessah glove used in the hammam was made from goat hair, whose coarse texture allows for a perfect scrubbing. Used with black soap, it eliminates impurities, dead cells and toxins. Its rough but well-placed fibers allow the skin to be exfoliated, without damaging it, and when used regularly will have a firming effect.

Argan oil

Nicknamed “the tree of life”, the argania tree (Argania Spinosa) is a prickly tree that grows exclusively in the Southwest region of Morocco. Its fruit are oval berries, which contain a nut in which there are one or two almonds; these are the shelled almonds from which the oil is taken. Berber women have been using this oil for centuries and claim that it conveys hydrating virtues for the hair and skin as well as antioxidant and healing characteristics.

Zhestia’s Argan oil cosmetic is cold pressed and certified organic. It acts as a natural restructuring agent and helps to counter the effects of the environmental damage and aging on the skin. In collaboration with a French perfume company, Zhestia specially created the scent Souvenir de Marrakech, with contains notes of sandalwood, cardamom and figs; these allow the essences of Morocco to imprint themselves on your skin and let you prolong your unforgettable travelling moment.

Moroccan Mint tea

Serve the tea garnished with fresh mint leaves and treat yourself to a sweet pastry or a crisp cookie, whatever you prefer. Relax to the sounds of the musical score “Une quête d’authenticité”, and go back to the book “Rediscovering pleasure.” In short, take this time to relax and be with yourself in the moment.

Introduced by the English during the 18th century, mint tea was quickly adopted in North Africa and has since become a staple drink offered when hosting guests. Zhestia’s mint tea is certified 100% organic; it is a mix of Gunpowder green tea and sweet dried mint, which make it both relaxing and vivifying.



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