Zhestia | Traveling Moments | Our Caravan. ' The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.' Aristotle

The Caravan

The Zhestia team is made of travelers, explorers, artists, and entrepreneurs from around the world. What we all have in common is a love of the authentic experience. There is joy in remembering the place where a moment happens. The smell of the air, the music, the ambiance, these are the essence of traveling moments, and these are the people who inspire and create them.

Zhestia | Traveling Moments | Our Caravan. ' The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.' Aristotle

Lyne Landry

From her hometown base in Montreal Lyne has been traveling the world for work and pleasure throughout her life.  For the past 8 years, in her role as a strategic management consultant, she has worked with companies and institutions from Morocco to Nigeria and Mozambique. Her focus is in strategic business planning, marketing, and starting ups.  While always planning that next trip, it is learning everyday that keeps her motivated. She is known to to bring out the best in people, and she thrives in multicultural environments. Curious, enthusiastic and humanistic, she spends her free time as an energetic entrepreneur and as an amateur photographer with a passion for portrait and street photography.


Chez Valois
Branding and Design

Chez Valois Branding & Design is a Montreal-based agency that designs premium brands. The award-winning team ensures cohesion and success of a project, from the very beginning of the brand strategy to product conception, visual identity, then throughout all communications. They have the experience of the large agencies, but the passion and spirit of a studio. Through design they help businesses and people connect together.

Creative and art direction for Naming, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging Design and Product Design.

Julie Margot
Collaborator Identity Advisory

Prior to establishing her own practice in Montréal, Julie worked as an art director for award winning design firms in Minneapolis, Paris and Montréal. In Paris, Julie fine-tuned her expertise creating and implementing complex identity systems with leading european design agencies Dragon Rouge and Minale Design Strategy for clients Renault, Volvo, La Poste, Axa, Nestlé, EADS (Airbus Group), and Bank Brussel Lambert. She also acquired an appetite for the gourmet while working on the Lenôtre identity, Le Cordon Bleu communications and an important redesign of the Cartier diary’s products.

Tak Design
Industrial designers

Tak design is an industrial design firm specialized in high-end product and high technology product development. It as build its reputation on success stories in the medical, consumer and electronic fields. Tak design offers innovative and efficient solutions to the outmost specialized industry requirements favoring intelligent and durable products for its clients.


Alan Keohane
Main Collaborator

ALAN KEOHANE studied fine art print making under Alstair Crawford at the UCW in Aberystwyth before going onto study photography at the Central School of Art & Design, now the Central St Martins, in London. Alan Keohane was for many years the only anglophone foreign correspondent photographer in Morocco and collaborated with ABC Australia, the BBC and other TV channels. He now regularly contributes features for the international press such as the Guardian Weekend Magazine, Condé Nast Traveller, inflight magazines and luxury travel publications. Alan is the author of the books “Berbers of Morocco” and “Bedouin, Nomads of the Desert”and has contributed to numerous books such as the Assouline book on the Mamounia and the Dorling Kindersley’s Top 10 guide to Marrakech.

Ingrid Pullar
Main Collaborator

Ingrid is a Swedish born photographer who has lived in Casablanca, Morocco for the past 20 years where she runs her studio. Her passion for capturing soulful and deep images started when she attended Art School in the 80s in Sweden and it has only kept evolving ever since.

Travelling around Morocco is how Ingrid captures these images that express a vivid sense of color and beauty. Her colorful glare goes further into interior decoration photography, including riads, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and shops.  Her her work frequently appers in international newspapers and magazines such as The New York Times, Svenska Dagblandet Aftonbladet, 25 Underbara Hem, M-Magasin and more.

Pascal Meunier
collaborator hammam photography

Pascal Meunier is a documentary photographer based in Paris. He holds a master’s degree in Political Science.   Pascal Meunier’s professional career began in Aleppo, Syria. For fifteen years, he has reported on cultural traditions from Mauritania to Malaysia, passing through Iran, Libya, Yemen and Egypt on the way. He does not concentrate on current events of a political nature, but prefers to show the intrinsic culture of the country instead.

Maison de la
collaborator historical photographs of Marrakesh

La Maison de la Photography of Marrakech opened in May 2009. The objective pursued by it’s founders – Patrick Manac’h and Hamid Mergani is to build a photographic archive mainly on Morocco of thousands of photographs, documents and postal cards researched majoritarily in France and exhibit it’s collection in Morocco.  It aspires to be a gateway of wonder  and of understanding between the two shores of the mediterranean.

Steven Le Vourc’h

Steven Le Vourc’h is a French photographer based in Maputo, Mozambique. He traveled  to 35 countries. His main publications include the Washington Post, the National Geographic France and the Bradt Travel guides. Specialized in night photography and portraits, he set up his own studio in Maputo in early 2012 (Saint-Louis Studio).  


Myrtille Delamarche

Myrtille is a journalist specialized in the African continent. Among other assignments, she has worked for Agence France Presse and Radio France International, covering its tropical and Mediterranean markets.  She has a curious mind and an engaged writing style.  Myrtille has a rare equilibrium between creativity and pragmatism that made her the perfect writer for Zhestia’s first book.

Elodie LanFroy Blanc
French revision

Elodie lived in several countries for years, in Africa and Asia. She has a curious attitude and a critical mind that animate her projects in journalism and ethnography. She can also teach French as a foreign language.

Lisa Waite
English revision

Lisa Waite first developed her love of the French language through years of primary school French immersion classes. In 2002, Lisa earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, from the University of Manitoba, and later studied translation at McGill University. Lisa has acquired a wide range of experiences spanning the arts, culture and communications; visual arts; education; marketing; tourism and general business fields.


Karim Blondy
Music Producer and Composer

Karim Blondy, is a musician with a long-standing passion for dub and an inveterate traveller. He grew up in Morocco, South Africa, France and the United States before settling in Montréal, Canada. This long journey forged a great curiosity about different cultures, leading him to dabble in all sorts of musical styles from around the world.

Marketing & Communication

Jarrod Ward
Marketing & Communication

Jarrod spends his time between Kansas City and Montreal. He uses his MBA from HEC Montreal and his background in film and design to help energetic entrepreneurs find their success. He finds his motivation in putting ideas into words, and words into action.

Always looking for love big ideas, and a meaningful challenge.  Jarrod is the life of the team, his positiveness and abundant energy mixed with a pragmatic outlook on life and business is breath of fresh air.

Anne-Marie Rostaing

Born in Canadian with a French cultural background, AM lived here and there in his youth and now has the sensitivity of someone who has traveled and sees herself as a citizen of the world.  Her extensive experience in tourism has reinforced her engagement for social and environmental responsibility. She has a love for languages ​​and a passion for design and beautiful things.