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Zhestia + Kickstarter

Marrakech isn’t just a city. It’s a poem. A beautiful poem, translated into many languages: its scents,  its architecture, its mystery,  its elusiveness, its shadows. I was born inside a poem.
~Rashid Mansoum, “Fils de Marrakech”

Now that we have completed our prototype it is time to start our production and marketing efforts. Zhestia realizes that of the many forms of finance available only one speaks to us. Through crowdfunding we can keep Zhestia free of the market pressures that often defeat the desire to keep production at the craftsman level.  We want more profits in the hands of the communities that do the creation! We chose crowdfunding to share our vision with you because we want to do something together. Let’s create a conscious product where we can all share in the success.