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Welcome to a city where restaurants take as much care in choosing the tea they serve as in preparing the food itself. This ancient city, home of the Japanese tea ceremony, is also home to Ikebana, formal Japanese flower arranging, and the performing arts of Bunraku, Kabuki and Noh. Also home to many of Japan’s great writers, artists, musicians and comedians, this is a thriving cultural capital.

In the afternoon, come with us to the chashitsu (茶室, “tea room”) and contemplate in an architectural space, created for aesthetic and intellectual fulfillment. The tea ceremony blends two important principles, sabi and wabi.

Wabi represents the inner, or spiritual, experiences of our lives and focuses on quiet refinement, subdued taste and emphasizes simple, unadorned objects. Sabi represents the outer, or material imperfection of life, and together these elements of the Japanese tea ceremony bring about the harmony of nature and self cultivation.