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Hammam<br> in Marrakesh <br>Experience Box

in Marrakesh
Experience Box

Zhestia | Experience Box - Hammam in Marrakech. A complete set to live the experience of the hammam at home. Included in the experience box is a photo - history book, a music CD, argan oil with perfume, eucalyptus black soap, moroccan mint tea, kessah glove and how-to guide to help you reproduce the experience back home. A wonderful gift idea.

A simple description is that a beautiful custom-made wooden box arrives and within you find reusable beech wood canisters filled with fragrant Moroccan tea, savory black soap, and a beautiful book that takes you into Morocco and shows you it’s rich past and vibrant present while accompanying music guides you through the bustling streets and into the calm and restorative public baths, known as Hammams.

A more veritable description is that you will embark on a journey to discover Marrakech through sight, sound, texture, and the gorgeous scents of moroccan tea and black soap. Before entering the most intimate of public places—the hammam—you will open your senses and experience crowds juxtaposed by havens of peace, the souk and the riad. Let yourself be swept away, following the light and colours, which change every hour.

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