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Our story

Zhestia was started by a desire to create a project that would have a meaningful impact.

Zhestia | Providing Most Enlivening Traveling Moments at Home

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our values

Be an explorer and curious about everything
Experiment enthusiastically

Support creativity and

Positively empower friends,
family and strangers

Be an engaged citizen

Value quality and

The founder has spent many years working in developing countries, which strengthened her belief that a powerful lever to a more peaceful world is in having more entrepreneurs and artists that are fulfilled personally, and by the economic freedom provided through their successful endeavours. Concurrently, in fast paced modern society there is a clear need to slow down and appreciate the small moments of everyday life, and a need for a more meaningful and conscious way to engage consumption.

At the intersection of of these ideas is my passion for travelling, design, photography and entrepreneurship, and it was here that I crafted the concept of Zhestia — a company that will bring out the best of people and can create an economy of the world’s most creative artists, explorers, and entrepreneurs.

Together, with a team of artists and craftsmen we have created a polysensorial experience that allows you to recreate a specific cultural experience in your own home. We encourage you to use this experience box to create your own traveling moment, and bring zest into your routine, in the most eco-conscious and authentic way possible.