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NIGHT IN<br>RAJASTHAN<br>Experience Box

Experience Box

Zhestia | Night in Rajasthan Book

Let us take you to a land filled filled with storybook palaces, where citadels still keep watch, and where forts converted into heritage hotels cater to the most experienced traveler. Let us take you through streets filled with abundant architecture famous for intricately carved temples, and the decorated havelis built by the gilded Rajput kings in their robes woven of extraordinary colors, reflected in mirrored beads, and heavy with the scents brought by camel train down the dusty spiceroads.

You can glean from a people the spirit they embark by the colors they use to tell their story–in Rajasthan the story is told using them all! The numerous city palaces and havelis create wonder and majesty while in Jaipur, the Pink City,the ancient rose-colored sandstone houses add to the gorgeous palette of this primeval land. In the streets at the many fairs and celebrations the costumes steal inspiration as easily from the sunset as they do from the peacock, and give a small clue to the opulence of their royal households.

Feast your eyes on Rajasthan’s traditional, colourful art. Wonder at the block prints, Bagaru prints, Sanganer prints, and Zari embroidery. Enjoy the feel and ease of hand-crafted wooden furniture, vegetable dyed carpets, and blue pottery. Bring yourself here. Let this poly-sensorial experience saturate you. Give yourself this night, and let it be your own.